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Welcome to the official homepage of the Czech committee for Pure and Applied Physics

The Czech committee for Pure and Applied Physics represents the Czech Republic in the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics which is one of the oldest international scientific non-governmental organizations, founded in 1922. The Czech Republic is a member since 1923.

The mission of the union is to foster international collaboration in Physics; support selected conferences; prepare publications, abstracts, papers, and tables of Physical constants as well as to promote international agreements on the use of symbols, units, nomenclature and standards.

The committee was formed by a decision of the Academic council of the Czech Academy of Science on 4/20/1993. The committee is closely connected to The Czech Physical Society through The Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, and in contacts with international scientific institutions it is representing the interests of the Czech scientific community with the specific concern of its integration into international science. In its activities the committee is responsible to its forming body; in its actions it is governed by its statutes.